What if we realised that reliance on money will only ensnare us, and instead gave generously of what we have to those who need it more than we do?

What if, instead of trying to come up with convincing theological explanations for the suffering and evil in the world, we just got down on our knees in the dirt and wept with those who weep?

What if we took seriously Jesus’ words that the humble will be exalted and stopped chasing after positions, titles and status?

What if we prayed, campaigned and worked for justice for the oppressed rather than tacitly perpetuating systems that keep the poor and the downtrodden firmly in their place?

What if we looked for opportunities to extend mercy and forgiveness instead of taking offence, feeling threatened and lashing out defensively whenever someone criticised or disagreed with us?

What if we focused more on the purity and integrity of our innermost thoughts, feelings, attitudes and motivations than we do on trying to look good and impress others?

What if, instead of drawing up battle lines and protecting our tribe, we sought to be agents of peace and reconciliation, starting in our families and churches and rippling out into society?

What if we demonstrated through our words and our deeds that we were more interested in doing right than in being popular or comfortable?


…we would know what it is to live secure in our identity as children of God.

…our eyes would be opened to see God in ways we never have before.

…we would revel in the freedom of knowing that we are utterly forgiven.

…we would experience the deep satisfaction that comes from knowing we are the beloved.

…we would not need to worry, grasp and strive, because we would know that the earth is our inheritance.

…we would find comfort even in the midst of our sorrows.

…the Kingdom of Heaven would be ours.

(A reflection on Matthew 5:3-10)