I’m both delighted and honoured to say that my post The powers exposed has been published today over at Internet Monk.

If you’re an IM reader who has made your way over here after reading today’s post, welcome! You might like to read the About me page for a bit of background. The best way to get a feel for the kinds of things I write about is to visit the Favourite and popular posts page. Feel free to have a look around… and I would be so happy if you left a comment or two.

To regular readers here at Faith Meets World who don’t know of Internet Monk, it’s a site that was launched and run for many years by the late Michael Spencer. I’ve been a regular reader for for nearly eight years. It brought me much-needed encouragement at a time of great challenge and difficulty, and gave me permission to begin to question hitherto unchallenged aspects of my faith. Even though Michael passed away in 2010, Chaplain Mike and the team have done a wonderful job of keeping up Michael’s work. I heartily encourage you to go and have a look around.