Think freeIt’s Friday, and I have neither the time nor the energy to write much. So, as I sometimes do, allow me to unburden myself of a few unconnected thoughts.

1. If the wisdom you’re sharing is from a millionaire celebrity preacher, I’m really not interested. I realise this means I may miss out on the odd nugget in amongst all the dross, but that’s a chance I’m prepared to take.

2. Money, power and religion are often brought together purportedly in the service of the kingdom. In reality, they are pretty much always a toxic combination. Throw in a dash of sex and you have a recipe for an ugly tragedy. I’d be willing to bet this story is far from over.

3. America’s fondness for guns highlights the extent to which violence is central to human culture. No matter how enlightened and sophisticated we may be, as a species violence is still our religion. There is a better way, but not many are prepared to lay down their rights and privileges and follow it.

4. With apologies to those who don’t partake, beer and theology are a fine combination that I’m looking forward to sharing with friends this evening.

5. If you haven’t already, you need to read this review. Then share it with all your friends. Then buy the book and encourage others to do likewise.

[ Image: AshtonPal ]