Note: I will be away on business for the next two days (Wednesday 11 and Thursday 12 June). As such, my posting schedule is likely to be interrupted; this may well be my last full-length post for a few days. You’ll just have to wait!

Question markIn some Christian circles, asking questions will get you labelled, ostracised and banished faster than you can say “Heretic!”.

Just for fun, here’s a short list of a few questions many Christians are afraid to ask or discuss:

  • If the Bible is the infallible word of God, how come it contradicts itself in numerous places?
  • Why is God so often angry in the Old Testament but gracious and merciful in the New Testament?
  • Did Jesus ever do anything wrong?
  • Why would a “good” God predestine anyone to eternal conscious torment?
  • If perfect love casts out fear, how can the fear of hellfire possibly be a valid basis for evangelism?
  • If material wealth is sometimes a sign of God’s blessing, how come it’s often amassed on the backs of poor people in the third world?
  • If God answered your prayer for a parking spot when you were running late, how come he didn’t answer my prayer for a dear friend to be healed of cancer?

Many Christians – including church leaders – fear questions about their beliefs because those beliefs are built on sand. If your faith can’t withstand honest questions, that’s a good sign that it seriously needs to be questioned. God is bigger than your questions, and he’s interested in your journey towards him, not your accumulation of static knowledge about him.

In the words of veteran Welsh troubadour Martyn Joseph, “Treasure the questions”.

[ Image: Ethan Lofton ]