WriterYesterday I listed the ten posts on this blog that have received the highest number of views in 2014. Today I thought I’d share some of my personal favourites from among all the posts I’ve written in 2014.

I couldn’t manage to get the list down to ten, so below are the twelve favourite posts I’ve written in the past year. (One of them is a three-post series, so I suppose you could say I’m cheating there by slipping in an extra two posts.)

As for why these posts are my favourites, the reasons vary. In some cases, I felt I’d managed to express something significant in an especially clear and compelling way; in others, I felt I’d succeeded in using language particularly creatively or impactfully; and in others still, I simply felt the fulfilment of having been able to capture and describe something I believed or experienced very deeply.

My favourite posts on Faith Meets World in 2014

1. The powers exposed (I think this is my favourite of all the posts I’ve written to date)

2. Glorified (the final paragraph of this post is probably the best I’ve ever written)

3. Of gifts, fruit and revival

4. A conversation in heaven

5. The cross domesticated

6. On the origins and consequences of fear – part 1, part 2 and part 3

7. Setting scripture free

8. Prodigal

9. Long walk home

10. God is not in control

11. Pierce my ear

12. Divine randomness

[ Image: Joan M. Mas ]