ListWhen it comes to writing blog posts, I’m not generally a huge fan of lists. However, pulling together a list of most viewed posts does provide an opportunity to review and reflect at the end of the year. And it may also give anyone new to the blog some pointers as to where to begin reading.

So here, in descending order, are the top ten posts on the blog that have received the most views in 2014. If I have time, I’ll follow this up tomorrow with a list of my personal favourite posts that I’ve written in 2014.

Most viewed posts on Faith Meets World in 2014

1. My thoughts on the “Monster God” debate (viewed a staggering 6,218 times!)

2. The Bible clearly says

3. Jesus or inerrancy: take your pick

4. The Godfather, or…

5. In the bubble

6. Favourite Bible verses and what they don’t mean

7. Review: A Farewell To Mars by Brian Zahnd

8. Some concluding thoughts on the Bible (for now)

9. Some thoughts on ISIS and non-violence

10. Eternal Word vs. written word

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