Success B&WHow we often tend to measure success in life, church and ministry:

– My salary is higher than your salary.
– My house is bigger/nicer/newer than your house.
– My kids go to a better school than your kids.
– My clothes are more expensive and trendier than your clothes.
– My schedule is busier than your schedule.
– My church is bigger than your church.
– My church baptises more people than your church.
– My church collects more tithes and offerings than your church.
– My pastor is more dynamic than your pastor.
– My church’s worship band is more hip and cool than your church’s worship band.
– My ministry is better known than your ministry.
– My conference attracts more attendees than your conference.
– My spiritual gifts are more numerous and spectacular than your spiritual gifts.
– My theology is more robust than your theology.
– My bookshelf has more impressive books on it than your bookshelf.

Given the entire thrust of Jesus’ life and ministry, and the whole counsel of the New Testament, perhaps our measure of success should instead be based on one simple question:

– How well do I demonstrate love to my family, my church community and the wider community?

What do you think?

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