past-present-futureGod of all my yesterdays
You were there when I was no more than an inkling, a passing thought
In the choosing of names and the anticipation of imagined futures
You were there to hear my first words and see my first doddering steps
In the laughter of friends and parties and the tears of frights and bruises
In school yard games, secret gangs and schoolboy crushes
In daring dreams of far-off lives
Long before I knew of you, you were there

You were there in all the decisions and choices that made a life
In the hope and the joy of wedding vows, new birth, new life, new home
In the flash of angry words and the pain of disappointment
As reality broke upon the shores of expectation
In all the celebrations and all the sorrows
You were there

God of all my todays
You are here as I survey the mountains and the valleys of years past
Here in my questions, my shame and my regret
Here with me in the fruit of decisions good and bad
Seasons come and go, and still the wind blows where it will
And when the past weighs heavy on my soul
You beckon me towards a future yet unwritten

God of all my tomorrows
In the manifold laughter and joy that is surely yet to come
In the fullness of seeing long-held dreams come to pass
In the bittersweet holding of cherished memories
And the lingering disappointment of unfulfilled hopes
In the letting go of what must be released and the taking hold of what is yet unknown
Even when the night draws in and autumn turns to winter
Still you will be there
For you are there already, as you have been there all along
Immanuel, God with us

(Image: © 1994-2013 Sargent’s Fine Art & Jewelry)