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Protecting God

Never think that you need to protect God. Because any time you think you need to protect God, you can be sure that you are worshipping an idol.

— Stanley Hauerwas

A bottle of port

I didn’t go to religion to make me happy. I always knew a bottle of Port would do that. If you want a religion to make you feel really comfortable, I certainly don’t recommend Christianity.

— C.S. Lewis

Inside the Mystery

The good news of an incarnational religion, a Spirit-based morality, is that you are not motivated by outside reward or punishment but actually by looking out from inside the Mystery yourself.

— Richard Rohr, Immortal Diamond

The task of religion

The task of religion is not to teach you how to feel better about yourself by blaming others. The task of religion is to form you right in a love relationship with God.

— Brian Zahnd

(The quotes I’ve been sharing from Brian Zahnd this week come from a wonderful sermon he recently preached. You can listen to the whole thing here.)

The essence of things

Discipleship demands that we put aside all nonessentials, stop playing word games, and come to the essence of things. The essence for the follower of Jesus lies in living by faith and not by religion.

— Brennan Manning, The Signature of Jesus

Capon: the end of religion

In honour of Robert Farrar Capon, who passed away last week, each morning this week I’ve been posting a quote or excerpt from his writings. This morning’s brief offering is the final instalment in this little series. I hope you’ve enjoyed it.

Christianity is not a religion. Christianity is the proclamation of the end of religion, not of a new religion, or even of the best of all religions. …If the cross is the sign of anything, it’s the sign that God has gone out of the religion business and solved all of the world’s problems without requiring a single human being to do a single religious thing. What the cross is actually a sign of is the fact that religion can’t do a thing about the world’s problems – ­ that it never did work and it never will…

From The Mystery of Christ …and Why We Don’t Get It

False comfort

I can no longer wait for, or give false comfort to, the many Christians who are forever “deepening their personal relationship” with a very tiny American Jesus – who looks an awful lot like them.

– Richard Rohr, Immortal Diamond

(For “American”, substitute “British”, “European”, “Western”, “middle-class”, etc., as required…)

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