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Friday Five

Here are this week’s selected links for your edification and entertainment. You’re welcome.

1. Consumer space travel, for a mere £165,000. Better start saving.
2. Exorcism as entertainment? You can’t make this stuff up.
3. The health and wealth gospel is nothing new.
4. A sad but very understandable letter from a former pastor.
5. An interview with Jesus.

Friday Five

Five links for your weekend edification and entertainment:

1. Be careful where you leave your car.

2. Religion, coming soon to a big screen near you.

3. When library books are overdue – by 59 years.

4. Do your arguments hold water?

5. Not many artists can claim to have released 100 albums.

Friday Five

Every Friday, I aim to post five links to things I’ve seen on the web that I find interesting, funny or otherwise worthy of attention. Call it a bit of light pre-weekend entertainment. In future, I’ll try to do it somewhat earlier than I’m doing today.

So here are this week’s five links. If you like them (or, for that matter, if you hate them), feel free to leave a comment below.

  1. Why do we call him “Lord” and not do what he says?
  2. Why Isaiah 17 isn’t about the destruction of modern-day Syria, or stop ripping old testament prophecy out of context and making it support your twisted eschatological framework.
  3. Turning the tables on those pesky cold-calling market companies. (Don’t try this at home.)
  4. It’s pretty simple, but it’s pretty hard.
  5. A beautifully imagined and crafted version of a classic late 80s hit. (And here’s the original, in case you don’t know it.)

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