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Friday Five

It’s Friday evening once again, and that means it’s time for this weekend’s hand-picked collection of links for your perusal and ponderment:

Ancient law book enjoys something of a renaissance.
You don’t want to get stung by one of these babies.
And you thought cat cafés were a strange idea.
Taking a social media trend too far?
A serious response to the question “Did Jesus have a wife?”

Friday Five

Here’s today’s crop of five links for your pre-weekend bafflement and bemusement:

1. Wine for cats. Seriously.
2. Protect yourself by eating popcorn.
3. “The glittering surface of a football icon cracked open by existentialism.”
4. Beware of anyone trying to sell Heinz Baked Beans in suspicious circumstances.
5. That is one seriously big dog.

Friday Five

Here’s this week’s dose of pre-weekend links for your perusal and puzzlement:

1. An excellent summary of Greg Boyd’s new book on the idolatry of certainty.
2. If you have teens, chances are they’ve already been exposed to this.
3. As Halloween approaches, a UK farmer sets a new pumpkin record.
4. It seems the French can’t claim first dibs on frogs’ legs after all.
5. In recognition of its importance, this crucial issue has its own Wikipedia page.

Friday Five

Here are this weekend’s five links for your pre-weekend meditation and mystification:

1. Ever wondered how popcorn came to be associated with cinemas?
2. A scholarly attempt to debunk Christianity.
3. How big is Africa? This big!
4. When sex is a matter of life and death.
5. An increasing problem among Britain’s young people.

Friday Five

This week’s round-up of five links for your Friday evening distraction and diversion:

1. We are all Walter White.
2. Breaking Bad meets The Walking Dead.
3. “I have never been ill from eating roadkill.”
4. God will give you more than you can handle.
5. Holy Communion, prepackaged for your convenience.

Friday Five

This week’s five links for your pre-weekend delectation:

1. Purr therapy arrives in Paris.
2. Nothing the iPhone can’t do, dog food edition.
3. The BBC on Breaking Bad and medieval morality plays.
4. It seems the 50 Shades phenomenon was short-lived.
5. The tyranny of social media.

Friday five

Here are this week’s links for your enlightenment and amusement:

1. Cafés for cat lovers.
2. Did you know Spock was Jewish?
3. N. T. Wright speaks up on worship songs.
4. Ever think there are just not enough crisps in the bag nowadays?
5. Eight weeks’ work condensed into eight minutes.

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