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A quick post-Christmas post

It’s two days after Christmas, and already I’ve eaten too much. It’s funny, though: I’m sure I consume less at Christmas with each passing year, but inevitably I feel as though I’ve consumed more.

A diet is looming, but there’s not much point starting it until various chocolate items have been eaten. I’ll probably get onto it in a week or so.

I hope your Christmas so far has been positive in all the ways that you wanted it to be, and I hope you’ve been inspired afresh by the enduring wonder of God becoming a man.

I don’t have anything much else inspired to say today, so instead I’ll share a wonderful post by Richard Beck over at Experimental Theology, in which he takes a simple yet profound fresh look at the story of Jesus and the Samaritan woman at the well:

Jesus doesn’t come to her with answers or gifts or power or miracles or a sermon or a program or an invitation to come to church.

Jesus approaches this woman and simply asks for help.

Go and read the whole thing; it’s only short. And then go and do likewise.

Holiday posting schedule

One more sleep to go…

I don’t plan to publish many posts over the next few days. I’ll be putting up a special Christmas Eve post later today, and will then schedule some short posts over the next few days. Beyond that, I’ll be spending time with family, probably eating too much, and hopefully doing some serious reading too. I may put up one or two additional posts if inspiration strikes, but I’m not holding myself to it.

Happy Christmas, everyone.

A quick update and some slight changes

blogging-1I began this blog just over ten weeks ago on 27 August.

I wanted my blog to be a place where I could share a mixture of things: theological musings and explorations; thoughts and comments on the Christian life, the church and popular culture; sometimes more poetic, reflective and personal pieces; and miscellaneous links from around the web, whether “religious” or not. The reason I aimed for this particular blend is that, believe it or not, it’s a blend that I feel best reflects me. So far, I’m pretty happy with the shape things have taken.

As of today, I’ve posted 159 posts including this one, making an average of just over two posts per day. Traffic has risen steadily, with 1,066 page views from 280 unique visitors in September, 1,540 page views from 608 unique visitors in October and 705 page views from 247 unique visitors in the first eight days of November alone.

That so many people should be interested in my ramblings is humbling, to say the least. It also raises certain challenges: notably, the challenge of not letting “success” go to my head and the challenge of not chasing page views or visitor numbers. In other words, the challenge of not playing to please the crowd and, in so doing, turning this blog into a hungry beast that I must constantly work to feed.

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A recap on my first two weeks of blogging

This coming Tuesday, it will be two weeks since I finally took the plunge and began blogging. It was something I’d been thinking about doing for a good two years or longer. One of the things that held me back was the worry that I might not find enough to write about. Well, since my first post on 27 August:

  • I have posted 31 posts (including this one), making an average of 2.4 posts a day
  • The blog has had 278 visits and 514 page views from 144 unique visitors

My most-viewed post is Why I won’t be watching The X Factor, which has been shared on Facebook 30 times. The two next most popular posts are Transactional Christianity and I used to believe.

I’m fairly happy with how things have shaped up so far. I wanted this blog to be a space where I could share my own thoughts, whether in the form of structured articles or freer, more creative writing, as well as commenting on current events, culture and miscellany from around the internet. I feel I’ve managed to at least make a good start towards that goal. I’m not sure whether I’ll be able to keep up the pace of posting two or more times a day, but I wanted to quickly get plenty of content up in the initial stages. Things might slow down a bit over the coming days and weeks, but I’ll be working to keep some kind of regular posting rhythm going.

Finally, I’m really grateful to everyone who has come and visited, and especially to those who have taken the time to leave comments. Thank you, sincerely! Please keep coming back. If you’d like to receive an e-mail notification whenever I post new content, all you need to do is submit your e-mail address in the form on the right-hand side of the Home page. Alternatively, add my RSS feed to the feed reader of your choice. And if you enjoy what I post, would you consider sharing the site with your friends? The more the merrier 🙂

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