Tradition has it that Christmas decorations should be taken down by no later than Twelfth Night, which by my calculation is tomorrow, 5th January. They came down in our house a few days ago. To mark the occasion, here’s a short meditation I wrote a couple of years ago:

The lights are gone from the Christmas tree
Sparkling tinsel no longer adorns the walls
The dark window is no longer brightened by festive colour
God’s light still shines

Christmas games are over for another year
All that remains of the long-awaited feast is photos and memories
Cherished family has returned to far-flung homes
God’s love still encircles

No more carols, cribs or gift-bearing magi
Shepherds in the fields must abide until next Advent
The holy infant in a manger, meek and mild, is stored away
God’s truth still rings out

Christ, may the reality of your coming be present with us day by day
Lord, may your unquenchable light long burn bright in our hearts
Saviour, may your hope sustain us through the weeks and months ahead
And may we live now and forever in this mystery: Immanuel, God with us